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We love painting our popular Giving Plates.

Just £20 each which includes UK delivery.

These are 26cm large dinner plates and can be personalised if you wish.

The idea behind the Giving Plate is that ‘love’s journey never ends’. Pass it onto family and friends, filled with home-baked goodies or treats and see how far it travels!

Each plate has a unique code and we invite every person who receives one of our plates to let us know where they are so we can track its journey.

Received one of our plates? Let us know where you are! Remember to include your plate number and postcode below.

Giving Plate


This is a white porcelain plate hand-painted in high quality ceramic paints. We simply love this idea: it’s all about passing on positivity and kindness. They make wonderful presents for friends and family alike and £1 from each sale will be donated to our local food bank in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire.

Each plate created has a unique code. We ask every receiver of their giving plate to drop us a note with where they are located so we can track just how far and wide our giving plates have touched people’s lives around the world.

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