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is Monday 6th December 2021.

Making Memories Magical…

The first product to enter our collection, by popular demand, was our Santa or Father Christmas plates for children.

Our plates start at £18 including free delivery across the UK.

We can fit up to five children’s names on each plate.

These are high quality 26cm plates.

These are painted with the finest ceramic paints which do not wash-off.  They are then fired and sent to you via Royal Mail.

Once you order is received and paid for, your item will be dispatched to you within 14 working days.

Each plate is dishwasher proof but we recommend that you hand-wash our ceramics to preserve the paint even longer.

Made to order - you choose your personalisation


When you order please don’t forget to let us have the following details:

-Name(s) of child(ren)

-Whether you would prefer ‘Santa & Rudolph’ or ‘Father Christmas’


Why Choose Polly Put The Kettle On?

We often get asked why our Santa plates are a little bit more expensive than others you may see on the market. The simple answer is QUALITY. Unfortunately in recent years many people think that they can paint a plate and yes there are some very good replicas. However, many also paint using sharpies, they don’t fire them and the decoration will simply wipe off when you wash it. 

Ours won’t.

The paint is dishwasher proof but to last year after year we recommend that you hand-wash our ceramics which just preserves them a little bit longer.



Christmas Plate FAQs


1. What is the price of your Christmas plate?
They are £18 each with free delivery, £20 each from 1st November – 14th December.


2. How many names can I have on one plate?
You can have up to five children’s names but please be aware, the more names, the smaller the text!


3. Can I have Father Christmas instead of Santa painted on my plate?
Yes! Each plate is made-to-order and you can have whatever you like. Just let me know on ordering.


4. Why are your plates more expensive than many on the market?
The simple question is QUALITY. These are not 75p Wilko plates, drawn with Sharpies. They are high quality 26-27cm porcelain plates decorated with the BEST ceramic paints on the market. I’m not saying all of the cheaper versions are a waste of money but please remember cheaper is not always better. Unfortunately in recent years many people think that they can paint a plate and yes there are some talented artists and some very good replicas, however when using cheap products and by not firing your work, the decoration will sadly just wash off. Every year I have at least a dozen customers who come to me and say they wish they’d just spent a bit more upfront because last year’s literally wiped off. Mine won’t.


5. Can I pop the plates in the dishwasher?
Yes you can but to last year-after-year-after-year I recommend that you hand-wash which preserves them for even longer.


6. Can I eat my dinner off one?
By all means, pop your treats on for Father Christmas but please note that these plates are not designed for eating from with cutlery. The paint will scratch if used against metal.


7. How long does it take from order to delivery?
I will dispatch your order within 14 working days after payment is received. If you need it by a certain date, please let me know, my painting is meticulously scheduled and I’ll try to find a 3am window for you.


8. Why order from Polly Put The Kettle On?
I pride myself on personal, friendly, customer-service and high quality products. Read my reviews and know that if you order from me you are guaranteed both. I’m a hard-working Mum of two, wife of one and I choose your satisfaction with my work over sales, every time.


Katie Xx


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